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Animal Kingdom: White Sparks.// 2012// Denver Co. 
Kevin Hinkleman drummer for A Mouthful of Thunder
Luis and Caleb 2/5 of Holophrase// Canonae-1// 2012
Caleb and Gosia 2/5 of Holophrase// 2012// Canon AE-1 
Trumpeter in sunglasses// 35mm Canon AE-1

Gosia// 2012// 35mm Holga
Caleb// 2012 Holophrase 35mm Holga
Gosia and the Theramin// 2012// Holga 35mm
Malgosia // 2012// Holophrase// 35mm Holga
Faerie// 2012 // Holga 35mm
Kevin and Mothergoose// 35mm holga 2012
Cheat to win// 2012 Holga 35mm
Kevin and Mally// June.2012// 35mm Holga
Double Exposure// 35mm Holga. June 2012
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